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The DevCom Workshop

The mission is to demonstrate how digital multimedia can clarify key policy issues in international development.

For development practitioners, well-designed products can help frame policy alternatives and their consequences.

For students and teachers of development, the random access character of digital media allows teachers to call-up materials to illustrate a variety of points of view and respond flexibly to “teachable moments” as they arise.
international documentary
Starter Pack Print

Malawi's Starter Pack Program was designed to encourage a structural shift in Malawi’s agriculture to a more productive and cost-effective combination of high yielding hybrid maize and nitrogen-fixing legumes to reduce the need for expensive commercial fertilizers. Malawi’s key aid donors subsequently transformed the program into an element of a new national social safety net, distributing a lower productivity pack only to Malawi’s least able smallholders. While the program has increased food production substantially, it continues to reflect the safety net concept rather than its original objectives of helping to transform the structure of agriculture towards higher productivity with less commercial fertilizer and more legumes. In 2006 the program was dropped in favor of a voucher system that subsidized the price of fertilizer and seed.


Starter Packs: A Strategy to Fight Hunger in Developing Countries
In July 2005 CABI Publishing presents: Starter Packs: A Strategy to Fight Hunger in Developing Countrie. The book, edited by Sarah Levy, is a richly textured, multi-year assessment of this program by a multidisciplinary team. The book explores all phases of program implementation: initial success in sharply increasing food supplies and introducing all of Malawi’s small farmers to improved seed, fertilizer, and crop rotation; subsequent reformulation as a targeted safety net program; ensuing food crisis and subsequent program expansion. The reader will gain a full understanding of the practicalities and key policy issues associated with implementing such an initiative. In the context of repeated interventions in recent years, often unsuccessfully, by governments, donors and NGOs, this book highlights a much needed success story in the fight against hunger.

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