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Charles Mann  

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The mission is to demonstrate how digital multimedia can clarify key policy issues in international development.

For development practitioners, well-designed products can help frame policy alternatives and their consequences.

For students and teachers of development, the random access character of digital media allows teachers to call-up materials to illustrate a variety of points of view and respond flexibly to “teachable moments” as they arise.
international documentary
Si No Llueve: Primer Regreso (If It Doesn't Rain: First Return) Print

Si No Llueve: Primer Regreso (First Return)

A Film by Mary M. Jirmanus and Charles K.Mann

Executive Producers: Mary Hilderbrand and Guy Stuart

Film 14 Minutes; Special Features: 35minutes.  Spanish with English subtitles.

DVD includes Teachers' Menu for easy access to all scenes.

Commissioned by the Harvard Kennedy School to follow up developments with the families and communities of the original Si No Llueve.  They take pride in showing off improvements, but Inadequate rainfall and early frost continue to threaten their food supply.  New touristic cabins complement the trout farm.  Enrich discussions by drawing also from six supporting features, including a community leader narrating her drive-through analysis of the community.


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