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Charles Mann  

The DevCom Workshop

The mission is to demonstrate how digital multimedia can clarify key policy issues in international development.

For development practitioners, well-designed products can help frame policy alternatives and their consequences.

For students and teachers of development, the random access character of digital media allows teachers to call-up materials to illustrate a variety of points of view and respond flexibly to “teachable moments” as they arise.
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Si No Llueve (If It Doesn't Rain) Print
Si No Llueve (If It Doesn't Rain)


Full Description 

This film was developed as an introduction to a workshop at Harvard University to develop strategies to reduce poverty in Southern Mexico. A joint project of Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government and Mexico’s Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, the workshop brought together graduate students from Monterrey Tech with development specialists from both institutions. To open the workshop, the organizers wanted a film that would let the students “walk in the shoes of the poor.” Drawing on her detailed research and community ties in rural Oaxaca, ethnographer Mariana Gabarrot Arenas worked with the filmmakers to capture a sense of the rich tapestry of village life, not only the challenges of poverty but the vitality and spirit with which the communities confront their challenges. El Carrizal seeks to develop a government sponsored trout farm into a touristic destination; Villa Diaz Ordaz depends upon worker remittances from the USA to support the housing construction that provides jobs to community members. Crafted to stimulate discussion, the film provides rich insights into the forces that fuel the massive migration pressures from Mexico to the USA.

official selection Woods Hole Film Festival

new filmmmakersBoston Latino International Film Festival

Film by Michael J. Palmer and Charles K. Mann

In Spanish with English subtitles.

Produced and ©2006 by The Development Communications Workshop in collaboration with the Communities of Villa Diaz Ordaz and El Carrizal with support from the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University and the Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey project leader, Guy Stuart, KSG; ethnographer Mariana Gabarrot Arenas, ITESM.

DVD-R Price, Film and Features: $12.95

  • Film, Si No Llueve (If It Doesn't Rain): 28 minutes
  • El Carrizal Trout Farm: Origins, Challenges, Outlook (11 minutes)
  • The Tequio System: Projects, Women, Burdens (8 minutes)
  • Oportunidades: Recipients, Requirements, Opinions (9 minutes)

Purchase the DVD from: or or Eight Cousins .
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