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Charles Mann  

The DevCom Workshop

The mission is to demonstrate how digital multimedia can clarify key policy issues in international development.

For development practitioners, well-designed products can help frame policy alternatives and their consequences.

For students and teachers of development, the random access character of digital media allows teachers to call-up materials to illustrate a variety of points of view and respond flexibly to “teachable moments” as they arise.
international documentary
Malawi's Green Revolution: Seeking Sustainability, 1998-2015 Print
Starter Pack: from Best Bets to Safety Net

Full Description 

Starter Pack: from Best Bets to Safety Net is a 30-minute documentary film about the project from its inception in Malawi in 1998 through various transformations to 2004. Government officials, scientists, donor officials and farmers present often-conflicting views on the program that raised Malawi’s food supply to record levels. In addition to the movie, the DVD also contains supplemental interviews organized according to key issues of development. The ability to access video clips tailored to particular discussion plans or opportunities makes this DVD an especially useful resource of teachers and practitioners of development. The DVD is available from: or or Eight Cousins, a splendid family-run bookstore.

A film by Charles Mann, edited by Clint Kenley and Michael Palmer, camera by Douglas Karr and Sierra Bellows, narrated by Charles Mann.

DVD 2 DISC SET: $14.95

DISC ONE- Film and Features

  • Starter Pack: from Best Bets to Safety Net (30 minutes)
  • Hunger in Malawi (15 minutes)
  • The Original Concept (27 minutes)

DISC TWO - Special Features

  • Targeting (23 minutes)
  • Implementation (16 minutes)
  • The Seed Debate (5 minutes)
  • Objections and Alternatives (25 minutes)
  • The Private Sector (10 minutes)

Note: PAL versions available, but only directly from DevCom

Purchase the DVDs from: or or Eight Cousins.

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International Development DocumentaryView the trailer for the DevCom documentary about Starter Pack in Malawi below:

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2005 CABI Publishing

In July 2005 CABI Publishing presents: Starter Packs: A Strategy to Fight Hunger in Developing Countries?. The book, edited by Sarah Levy, is a richly textured, multi-year assessment of this program by a multidisciplinary team. The book explores all phases of program implementation: initial success in sharply increasing food supplies and introducing all of Malawi’s small farmers to improved seed, fertilizer, and crop rotation; subsequent reformulation as a targeted safety net program; ensuing food crisis and subsequent program expansion. The reader will gain a full understanding of the practicalities and key policy issues associated with implementing such an initiative. In the context of repeated interventions in recent years, often unsuccessfully, by governments, donors and NGOs, this book highlights a much needed success story in the fight against hunger.

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